Rueckbau_2Various works are to be performed for dismantling – demolition – of structures prior to the start of the works.

Rueckbau_1Thus, for obtaining dismantling permission documents must be submitted to the technical authorities in which, among other things, the type and size of the structure, existing pollutants and possible contamination or other risks to the dismantling company and the public are described.

For this purpose the structures to be dismantled must be inspected, samples must be taken and these must be examined for pollutants. Depending on the previous use of the building, examinations of soil and groundwater for pollutants are also carried out (RAL).

Rueckbau_3These data are used partly for description of the technical design itself, such as the occupational safety and health of the persons on site and the planning feasibility of material disposal and recycling in approved facilities in accordance with waste legislation.

Rueckbau_4Different techniques are available to carry out the dismantling work. In particular, the dismantling operations for high-rise buildings or the dissolving of solid components of the composite may result in environmental impacts such as dust, noise or vibration. In principle, these can cause damages to the surrounding building structures.

In addition to the demolition concept itself and the preservation of evidence for the building structures prior to the work, we also provide noise, dust or vibration measurements during the works in order to meet probative risks of claims by third parties.