Bauschaeden_1Bauschaeden_2The utilisation quality of buildings for working and living is determined, besides through architectural features, by the quality of construction and the materials used.

Damages in the substance, such as cracks, moisture penetration, wear or material changes have a lasting impact on the living and working quality. If damages can be detected visually, we will examine these in preservation of evidence according to the nature and extent. For this, for example, we use sampling techniques for structural openings or use sampling probes to obtain laboratory samples. With sensory methods such as temperature and moisture measurements, radar or INN measurements for “destructive” illumination of structures or components, areal investigations can be carried out.

Bauschaeden_3Bauschaeden_4In addition to an incorrect calculation, incorrect construction, quality deficiencies in materials used, overstraining of the structure by the user, damages can also be caused externally through noise, vibrations or groundwater changes.

If the damage and its cause(s) are evaluated in the report, then proposals are developed for damage repair.

Bauschaeden_6In addition to damage to the building fabric, pollutants have lasting impact on the room atmosphere and the health of the users. Type and distribution of these pollutants can vary significantly. In part, these substances exist since the beginning of the construction of the structures (radon, asbestos, heavy metals, wood or flame retardants, coatings, etc.) or penetrate the structure during the course of use (moulds), extension and restoration works. For the evaluation of pollutants analyses must be carried out and property samples must be examined in the laboratory.Bauschaeden_5

Based on the data, a risk analysis is carried out and proposals are developed on how to proceed further.

Frequently, damages and pollutants occur together (mould after moisture penetration). In any case, in addition to the utilisation itself, damages and pollutants impact the value of a property significantly.